Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate

Product Name: Sodium DichloroisocyanurateForm: Powder;Granule(8-30mesh,20-60mesh); Effectivecl ≥56% or ≥60%Moisture content ≤10% or ≤5%PH solution 2.7-3.3UN NO. 2465CAS NO.2893-78-9HS NO.2933692910Cl

Product Name: Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate
Form: Powder;Granule(8-30mesh,20-60mesh); 
Effectivecl  ≥56% or ≥60%
Moisture content ≤10% or ≤5%
PH solution 2.7-3.3
UN NO. 2465
CAS NO.2893-78-9
HS NO.2933692910
Class No.5.1
Packing:1kg drum,5kg pail,10kg pail,20kg pail,25kg drum,30kg pail,50kg drum,1000kg big bag 

Product Application:It can kill various algae, germs, funguses or viruses, specially A&B type hepatitis viruses; it is also effective for sanitizing water, decolorizing or bleaching. It can be widely used for epidemic prevention, livestock farming industry and agriculture etc.

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